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Architecture. Design. Planning.

Do you have a bold idea or a standard objective that you want to solve stylishly? Our engineers, architects, designers and contractors will develop a project and implement it within agreed deadlines and budgets.

  • We develop a concept for construction or re-construction project.
  • We collect initial documents to start a project.
  • We develop a sketch, preliminary design, project proposals and feasibility studies.
  • We develop a development master plan with visualization of land improvements.
  • We develop architecture of a building and its facades.
  • We create interiors customized design.
  • We develop layouts and everything necessary for presentation.
  • We develop a construction, communications and utility systems of a building.
  • We prepare premises’ functional plan including furniture and equipment.
  • We develop a unique design and create 3D-visualization.
  • We issue a set of working documentation.
  • We develop specifications for materials, furniture and equipment
  • We prepare a cost estimate.
  • We offer a number of ready-made design solutions with an option to choose a budget and guaranteed deadlines.
  • We get approvals and present a design to expert examination bodies.
  • We manage supply of materials, furniture and equipment.
  • We carry out designer and engineering supervision.